difference between amplifier and receiver

The major differences between amplifier and receiver

When you have the costliest audio system at your home, then make sure to balance your speakers with the right technology. When it comes to setting up your speaker, first of all, you need to have in-depth knowledge on the different and benefits of receiver versus amplifier. Of course, each of them has certain proponents, but you must be mainly focused on which one is a better option for your audio system.

Receiver Vs Amplifier- Which one you select?

The amplifier is a box that specially designed to receive as well as intensify the power of and the send the audio signal to the connected loudspeakers. But, this amplifier does not have an interface to choose or alternate the inputs, outputs, volume, etc. Hence, you will need to buy a pre-amplifier individually that enables you to do that.

The receiver is also a box that comprised of an amplifier, pre-amp and also in-built radio tuner. It has several inputs and outputs as well as an interface to control them. It might be required to connect with the correct antenna for in-built radio tuner that can be able to receive the radio signal.

Commonly, buying an amplifier along with another individual pre-amp is trusted to provide the best performance in sound. This is because; they are an individual system that gives flexibility in upgrading and repairing the specific part of an amplifier. However, its only drawback is very costlier that needs extra space, so you need to obtain the two channel stereo sound.

On the other hand, the major advantages of buying a receiver are very affordable and also very simpler to setup. In order to get the cinematic experience, you will have the multi-channel lifelike surround sound. If you would like the best of both, it is better to buy both amplifier and receiver, but the money is not at all a problem.

Which is the best choice for your system- Amplifier versus Receiver?

When you are decided to use your system in a small or multi-purpose environment, it is highly important to know the difference between amplifier and receiver. However, this receiver not only amplifies your high end audio signals, but also completely compatible with 4k video technology that brings you an immersive surround sound while watching movies.

In case, you are a dedicated audiophile and needs to make a traditional stereo system in a custom listening room, you may need to go with the individual amplifier and receiver.


Hence, the receiver will serve as pre-amp and send the audio signals to the amplifier for amplification. This amplifier empowers the audio signal that stimulates the speakers to emit the high power sounds. Instead of buying an all-in-one receiver, you can make sure to buy an individual amplifier.